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My Experience

I have been a resident of the Hampton Roads area for 14 years. With my experience in the retail business, I know the Hampton Roads area and its people very well. I have spent 26 years in the retail world of corporate management with proven results. I’ve always had a love of real estate and have experience in buying and selling many homes of my own. I sold 24 homes in my first year.

I pride myself in working with people and serving others. My strongest trait is my integrity, that’s why my motto is, “I do what I say I am going to do, you can count on me!” When i’m not working I am spending time with my two beautiful boys and my dog Hurley.

Denise Hawkins – Relator

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Phone – 757.478.1535

Fax – 757.309.4517

Email: denise@carderwarren.com

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